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The Power of Personal Recognition

Article by Linda Davidson

When it comes to acknowledging their contributions, employees value the personal touch. Find out what Disney, Southwest Airlines, and others are doing. From The Research Center of Workforce Management.


1001 Ways to Energize Employees

Book by Bob Nelson, Ken Blanchard, Barton Morris

"At the core of an energized workforce is the quality of the one-on-one relationships that individual workers have with their managers, and the trust, respect and consideration that their managers show toward them on a daily basis." From Amazon.com.

The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook:
The Complete Guide

Book by Bob Nelson, Dean R. Spitzer

"There's a revolution going on in today's workplaces. Workers want respect, and they want support, even if they make a mistake. Most important, they want to be appreciated when they do a good job." From Amazon.com.


The Power of Positive Employee Recognition

Article by Susan M. Heathfield

• How to Provide Effective Employee Recognition

• Tips for Effective Employee Recognition


1001 Ways to Reward Employees

Book by Bob Nelson

"In my doctoral research on why managers use or don't use recognition with their employees, I found the top variable distinguishing those managers who use recognition was that they felt it was their responsibility--not corporate's or human resources'--to create the motivational environment for their people. They truly believed that recognizing their deserving employees played an integral part in how those workers felt about their jobs." From Amazon.com.


Recognition: A worthwhile investment

Article by Patti Dunham, M.A., MBA SPHR

From Strategic HR, Inc.


Bringing Out the Best in People: How to Apply the Astonishing Power of Positive Reinforcement

Book by Aubrey C. Daniels, Aubrey Daniels

Celebrated behavioral analyst and nationally known expert and author on performance, Dr. Aubrey Daniels helps you attain a clear understanding of human behavior so you too can bring out the best in your employees and achieve results that are measurable superior. From Amazon.com.


Five Tips for Effective Employee Recognition

Article by Susan M. Heathfield

How to Reward, Recognize, Award, and Thank People Successfully


Measure of a Leader
Book by Daniels, James E. Daniels

This book shows how to focus on the behavior of followers to craft a powerful leadership style. The authors' system gives managers the tools to adapt the approach, creating positive behavior that can improve the performance of their people. Managers are transformed into leaders, creating a legacy that perpetually generates greater momentum, commitment, initiative, and reciprocity throughout an organization. From Amazon.com.


Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works

Book by Cindy Ventrice
Written from the employees' viewpoint, this book explains why good working relationships form the core of effective workplace recognition.
Text explores why employee recognition efforts miss the mark; what employers and employees each expect from recognition; and how to give morale and productivity a genuine, lasting boost. Cites dozens of real-life examples from successful companies such as FedEx, Wells Fargo, and The Container Store. From Amazon.com.


365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees Every Day: With Little or No Money

Book by Dianna Podmoroff

"This new book is packed with hundreds of simple and inexpensive ways to motivate, challenge and reward your employees. Employees today need constant re-enforcement and recognition--and here's how to do it. This is not a "theory' book. You will find real-life, proven examples and case studies from actual companies that you can put to use immediately." From Amazon.com.


How to Recognize & Reward Employees:
150 Ways to Inspire Peak Performance

Book by Donna Deeprose

It's not just the money or benefits you offer that recruit, retain, and inspire talented employees. It's the total rewards package. Now in a completely revised second edition, How to Recognize & Reward Employees gives you exciting and practical ways to get the most from your people. From Amazon.com.


Get Your People To Work Like They Mean It!: Manage, Motivate and Get Results from Every Employee

Book by Jean Blacklock and Evelyn Jacks

This groundbreaking volume teaches the leadership skills that ambitious subordinates will respond to as build communities of satisfied customers, bosses and shareholders. Just as important, it shows you how to address negative behaviors that can hurt both businesses and careers.
Get Your People to Work Like They Mean It! will help you and all your employees reach their highest work potential-both in productivity and personal fulfillment. From Amazon.com.




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