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 The Anatomy of a Kudos Card

The FRONT of the "Thank You" Kudos Card.

Cards are 2-1/2" x 3-1/2".
Each is printed on
thick heavy paper stock.

Cards are printed with exquisite
marble-looking backgrounds

A Kudos Card
looks like an
expensive plaque
but costs much less!

Letter shadows
give the appearance
of embossed printing.

This is the ACTUAL size of a Kudos Card.


Beautiful &  durable
high-gloss finish.


Cards are printed
with a simple,
statement of thanks
& appreciation.


Printed gold-colored
seal & ribbon accent.




The BACK of the "Thank You" Kudos Card.

The reverse sides
of Kudos Cards
are printed with the same rich marble-looking background.

Writing suggestions:
Use a permanent felt-tipped marker.
Try this: Use a permanent
gold metallic marker.
It's best to avoid
using ball point pens.

Don't forget to
sign and date the card, too!

A Kudee is a person
who RECEIVES a Kudos Card.

There is a large area
for the Kudor*
to write a personal note
about the specific performance
that is being recognized. This is
very important for helping
to ensure continuation
of that great effort.

The "Thank You" card
is card #03 in the
Leadership Series I set.

There will be 21 Kudos Cards
in the Leadership Series I set.

*A Kudor is a person
who GIVES a Kudos Card.



2007 PeopleFirst Leadership Institute